Brooklyn Ice House

Burger with damn good onion rings
I totally forgot about my first trip to The Ice House and the photos I took! Thanks to Howard and his post, I remember now. Yes I was quite disappointed with the onion rings when Howard, Steph and I went because as you can see from my photo and compare to his photo the rings look nothing alike.

The ones from Howard’s photo looked and tasted like frozen rings while the ones I took looked freshly made with real onions. My onion rings looked like they were deep fried in dirty dirty but good oil. It was also served as a big giant mass (all stuck together). While Howard’s onion rings looked like it could have stayed in the oil longer. But later I found out that the rings I ordered, the first time, were in fact frozen as well. Later that night we moved inside as it got chillier and sat close to the kitchen. The kitchen was helmed by 1 lady. I noticed her coming out of a closet like room with a bag of frozen stuff. She threw some of that stuff into a deep fryer basket and into the oil. Then a moment later she used a second basket and placed it inside the first basket to smoosh the content inside. When it was all down she poured the stuff out onto a plate and that was when I saw, the onion rings. So as you can see different cooks, different way of cooking the same thing. I guess also different bag of frozen onion rings. What the heck, still the best damn onion rings.
Last October I almost moved into Red Hook. I would’ve just be a block from the Ice House. Ice House is just too awesome. This would probably be my to-go bar if I had moved into Red Hook. Shit load of beers from Germany, Belgium, England, USA…etc, a great bar food menu with grilled cheese sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, of course onion rings and other stuff, lots of games to play with like Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, and an awesome outside patio area.

– Brooklyn Ice House 318 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn


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