Ikea. Enjoy.

Dinner at Ikea with a sunset
On a random Monday night, I was standing outside the Smith and 9th St subway stop waiting for either the Ikea shuttle or the B77 to take me and surprisingly, for a Monday night, a large group of people to Ikea in Red Hook. Finally the B77 bus comes after about 15mins of waiting. It dropped everybody off right in front of Ikea. While on the bus I was debating if I should go eat dinner there or wait till I go home and cook. It was either a plate of yummy meatballs or Korean ramen. I do like ramen but heck since I was at Ikea I SHOULD get some meatballs. Why did I even bother to have that mental debate, when the answer was so obvious.
It’s weird to go into Ikea on a weeknight because it was practically empty. I ran up to the cafeteria and only few people were around. I got my usual Ikea food items, open faced shrimp sandwich and a plate of meatballs. Did every Ikea changed their potatoes to mashed potatoes? I missed those baked potatoes. So while waiting in line for my meatballs, I noticed the person in front of me got the last of the meatballs that were sitting in the counter. It was about an hour before Ikea closed so I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get some meatballs. Thankfully when I ordered my meatballs the lady grabbed a new tray of meatballs from the oven (yay fresh!). Grabbed my food, my drink and paid the cashier. I noticed the sunset was setting and cast a beautiful light into the dining area. I sat down facing the sun. The dining room was quiet. Yummie meatballs. *sigh……..perfect.

– Ikea 1 Beard St, Red Hook Brooklyn


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