Lunch at Flatbush Farm

My dad was in town recently and he wanted to meet up for lunch. I started looking for restaurants relatively close to my work — I never pass up an opportunity to let someone buy me lunch at a new restaurant. I am not too familiar with the restaurants along Flatbush near Park Slope, but when I was doing the research one name popped up that sounded intriguing: Flatbush Farm.

The big garish sign outside is not at all representative of the beautiful, classy interior. Lunch is served until 3pm during the week, and all of the options are pretty reasonably priced (nothing is more than $14). It was a dreary, rainy day so I went for the most comforting option — a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup (above). Of course at $10 it’s a little fancified, and it was quite good. The soup actually tasted of tomato, unlike the common condensed brand of soup. The sandwich was made with white cheddar and pressed like a panini, making the outside super crispy.

My normally hard-to-please dad got the French dip, which he said was good as well. The real highlight of the meal was being able to spend the time with him; my parents live a few hundred miles away so I don’t get the opportunity very often. They’re planning on moving to the area soon, so maybe I’ll get the opportunity to do it more often.

Flatbush Farm — 78 St Marks Ave, Brooklyn


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