The Great Food And Sweet Trucks Adventure

Mr.Softie and Mud Truck
*UPDATE Please check out the results of our food truck adventure here: The Great Food Truck Odyssey.
The idea of trucks serving food and drinks is definitely not new. You have the classic ice cream truck with its eerie, yeah sounds creepy to me, music playing while driving around town. There’s also the food trucks that serves construction workers. I remember having an In-N-Out truck at my high school too! Best thing ever! Here in NYC you’ll find Halal food trucks parked near office buildings everyday, ready to serve the lunch crowds. So when did this whole food truck craze began? And why didn’t people think of this earlier? Anyways none of these questions really matters, what matters is that they are here and loads of them too.
One random night I came up with the idea of TRYING THEM ALL! A tour of the city, Queens and Brooklyn. Find all food trucks and try them. Then Howard suggested we try all of them IN ONE DAY! Sounds crazy but it might just work. I have already tried Wafels & Dinges, The Dessert Truck and The Treats Truck but I will try them again. Though I’m quite sad to have to leave out the Calexico Taco Cart since technically it’s a cart and not a truck but I have already decided to go this Friday to eat a taco there. A post from Serious Eats about food trucks using Twitter helped a lot and now I am following all the NYC ones. I remember reading about Super Tacos in the UWS so I googled that for more info and found more food trucks. I THINK I have done enough research and is pretty happy with the list I came up with. Pretty sure there are more trucks out there but I couldn’t find any more.

TA DA! Here’s the glorious list I have came up with. I divided the trucks into savory food and sweets. I included links to their official website (if they have one), their Twitter account and/or Yelp. I did my best to list out their schedules and spots but I recommend checking their sites or Twitter for the up-to-date locations. Sometimes they can’t find parking or its raining or its raining but still decide to go out. At the bottom I have included a time chart….yes a time chart. Makes it easier to see when they are open and close hence easier to plan our trip on Saturday. I also made a map marking the location of each truck. *Note, the time chart and map are for Saturdays only.
I feel like I’m cheating because on Saturday, The Treats Truck, Le Gamin, Green Pirate Juice Truck, Wafels and Dinges, Rickshaw Dumplings and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream are all parked near Grand Army Plaza!! Not much of an adventure.

Cravings Truck Twitter
Serves Chinese style chicken thigh over rice and dumplings.
Check twitter (Schedule says they’re off on Saturdays but last Saturday they were at Carmine and Bleecker)
Usually around lunch hours

El Diablo Taco Truck
Union Pool (484 Union Ave) in Williamsburg
Monday thru Thursday 7pm – 3:30am
Friday 5pm – 3:30am
Saturday & Sunday 1pm – 3:30am

El Rey Del Taco Truck Yelp
8pm – on
3301 30th Ave in Astoria

Endless Summer Yelp
N. 6th and Bedfod

Le Gamin Truck Twitter
Sandwiches and quiche
Weekdays – 25th St between 10th and 11th Ave
Saturdays – Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market
Sundays – location varies depending on events in the city
Tweeted at 9:30am on Saturday at Grand Army Plaza

Rickshaw Dumplings Twitter
Weekdays 11 – 3
Weeknights check Twitter
Monday – Washington St & Front St in Dumbo
Tuesday – 52nd St & Lexington in Midtown
Wednesday – Check Twitter
Thursday – Coenties Alley in Financial District
Friday – 45th St & 6th Ave in Midtown
Weekends 11 – 7
Saturday – 7th Ave in Park Slope (Maybe around Carroll St)
Sunday – W. 75th St & Broadway

Super Taco Truck Yelp
Noon to 2am W. 96th St and Broadway

Tacos El Angelo
Christopher and 7th
Couldn’t find much info about this truck at all.

Vinny Vincenz Pizza
No set place nor time but have been spotted in South Street Seaport and Union Square

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Twitter

Cupcake Stop Twitter
Weekday 10am – 5pm
5th Ave between 13th and 14th St (Check Twitter for the exact location)
Weeknight 6pm – 10pm
23rd St between 7th and 8th Ave (Check Twitter for the exact location)
Recent tweets said they’re at 23rd St as early as 8:30am so check their Twitter

The Dessert Truck Twitter
Monday thru Friday 12pm – 3pm
E. 55th St just off the NE corner at Lexington
Monday thru Sunday 6pm – Midnight
St Mark’s Place and 3rd Ave

Green Pirate Juice Truck
Saturdays 8:30am – 5pm Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market

Street Sweets Twitter
Check Twitter (Last Saturday they were at Central Park West in the 70’s)

Treats Truck Twitter
Sauturday 11am – 1pm on Union St near Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Twitter
Check Twitter
They have 3 trucks one in the Meatpacking District, one in SoHo and one in Brooklyn mostly in Park Slope.

Wafels and Dinges Truck Twitter
Monday & Tuesday
8am – 4pm call or check their Twitter
4pm – 10pm at Trader Joe’s on 14th St
8am – 4pm 52nd St between 6th and 7th Ave
4pm – 10pm North-East corner of Broadway and Houston
8am – 4pm 45th St and 6th Ave
4pm – 10pm North-East corner of Broadway and Houston
8am – 2pm Park Ave and 27th St
5pm – 10pm North-East corner of Broadway and Houston
Saturday & Sunday
9am – 5pm 7th Ave and Carroll St in Park Slope
5pm – 10pm usually at Trader Joe’s when they don’t have a private party, check their Twitter

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