7th Heaven ’09

One of the best parts of the annual 7th Heaven Street Fair, held on Father’s Day Sunday and stretching all the way from Flatbush to 16th Street on 7th Ave, is that among all of the usual sausage & peppers and funnel cake trucks there are lots of local (and not so local) restaurants that come out to showcase their foods. Here’s a quick look at some of them.

First I grabbed a hunk of spanikopita from a place called Anthis (yes, Anthis, not Anthos), for which I can find no address. The spanikopita was pretty good, and it was a super big piece for $5, but I was only able to finish half of it.

Next up was a samosa and a potato cake ($2 each with a sweet sauce) from Bombay Grill. The samosa was hot and fresh, though not quite as heavily spiced as I would like. The potato cake was like a knish with a crispy crust, and very well seasoned.

I then picked up a spring roll ($1) from my neighborhood standard Thai restaurant, Rice Thai Kitchen. Served in a styrofoam cup with a bit of sweet and spicy sauce it was good for a quick snack, as if I needed one.

After wandering for a bit I grabbed small cup of house-made kimchi ($1) from Moim, a Korean restaurant I keep meaning to try. This was not nearly spicy enough, and I didn’t finish even this small cup.

Finally I picked up a Lebanese kaak ($2.50) to go, something I’ve never heard of and I’m not sure who was selling it. Although it looks like a flattened bagel it’s more of a giant, hollow cracker. The sesame taste was pronounced and I found myself snacking on it compulsively throughout the day.

Altogether it was a great day to be in Brooklyn; 7th Heaven is one of those occassions when thousands of people get together and just about everybody has a great time.

Bombay Grill — 351 7th Ave, Brooklyn
Rice Thai Kitchen — 311 7th Ave, Brooklyn
Moim — 206 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn


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