Lunch at Rhong Tiam

There’s a tree-lined stretch of LaGuardia Place which features shops and restaurants that are set back from the street. That’s where I found Rhong Tiam, where I had lunch about a month ago. I had read about their food being spicy and authentic, though having never been to Thailand I’m not sure I’d know authentic Thai food if it ate me. My “lunchbox” special ($7) featured drunken noodles with tofu, a small salad, some spring rolls, and a mound of fragrant jasmine rice (surprising, as most places don’t serve rice with noodles). The drunken noodles were very tasty and nicely spicy, thanks to a sprinkle of chile powder over the top of them, and came with a much welcomed wedge of lime, something I wish more Thai restaurants would include. It wasn’t the best Thai food I’ve ever had, but it was pretty darned good.

Rhong Tiam — 541 LaGuardia Place


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