Istanbul Park

So remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about a new Turkish restaurant coming to Park Slope? It opened a couple of weeks ago. Above you see the cold mixed appetizer plate ($8.50) — that’s the medium size (they offer only medium and large). It’s easily enough food for two people (I managed to put away 2/3 of it, and then the waiter asked me if I wanted to order an entree), and it’s served with a basket of warm bread. The hummus and babaganoush tasted generic, but the tabouli was fantastic and fresh tasting. Another highlight: the stuffed grape leaves, slightly sweet with raisins mixed into the rice. Also eaten (on other visits) but not pictured are the “fried” phyllo rolls stuffed with cheese, not crispy enough but with a wonderful lemon flavor. The felafel wrap ($7) was not as successful; it took almost 10 minutes to prepare, and although I asked for “no tomatoes” I got plenty of tomatoes in the wrap. The felafel themselves were highly spiced but under seasoned. Still, during a busy lunch service with my back to the open windows and the sun bearing down on me, I did experience a reminder of what it felt like when eating in one of Turkey’s open air cafes.

Istanbul Park — 293 7th Ave, Brooklyn


One thought on “Istanbul Park

  1. that looks like a substantial entree meal. The hummus looks nice and whipped. Was it tasty? I just had some mediocre hummus at a Greek restaurant and it’s a high-end place too! Too bad I don’t live in Park Slope.


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