L.A. Eats – Hugo’s Restaurant

Chipotle scrambled
Recently my 2 of my friends made the move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. They had settled into the dreaded “Valley” of Los Angeles. When every Angelinos talk or think about the “Valley”, they have a disgusted tone of voice, “eewww the Valley?” Personally I have never been to the Valley nor do I know where the Valley is. When I googled map my friends’ address, it told me it would take 1.2hours. Greeeeaaat. So the next day, I gave myself enough time for the trek and off I went to this magical Valley place. Well 5.5hours later, I was tired, sleepy and hungry. What I nor my friends realized were that we would be sitting on a patio drinking sangria and having some good Mexican food at Hugo’s in Studio City.

Since both my friends and I were pretty much new to this area we relied on another friend to point us the way to a good brunch spot. She suggested Hugo’s which was just a quick drive. By the time we had pulled into the parking lot it was almost 3pm but the place was still packed. We parked the car and walked in. The waitress asked us if we wanted to wait or sit in the patio area. We didn’t care so we picked the patio area which wasn’t really a patio area since it was covered with a roof. Reading through the menu I realized Hugo’s is many things. Well first and foremost a Mexican restaurant, vegan and vegetarian and meat lover friendly!, and on the healthy side with dishes like tofu scramble or egg white omelettes.
Finally I decided on the chipotle scramble which is “eggs scrambled with diced grilled chicken breast, peppers, onions, scallions, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and honey-chipotle sauce over corn tortillas, topped with sour cream” and my friends shared the tamales and eggs, “two corn tamales on a pool of tomatillo salsa topped with two eggs any style, avocado-tomato-cilantro salsa, tortilla strips, sour cream and cilantro.” Oh and we ordered a pitcher of sangria.
2 tamales & eggs
Yay to giant plates of food!! Oh where do I start? Oh forgot to mention, all dishes include rice, potatoes or a bowl of fruit. At first I couldn’t see the scrambled eggs because it was covered by the giant pile of diced chicken and peppers and had forgotten that I ordered a scrambled eggs dish. This was a perfect dish to mix everything together. It was pretty good. Though the flavors were a bit bland but that didn’t stop me from cleaning the whole plate. I think a little bit of hot sauce would’ve made the whole thing super good.
It was such a perfect moment. Good food, friends, pitcher of sangria, the busy streets, a lazy Saturday afternoon. Really wished we stayed longer.

Hugo’s Restaurant 12851 Riverside Drive Studio City, Los Angeles


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