Schnitzel & Things

Schnitzel & Things on Smith St.
I can’t tell you how excited I am with Schnitzel & Things. I do think there are just too many trucks serving sweets and tacos. Don’t get me wrong, I love those trucks but I need me some varieties. Yes, there are the Cravings truck and the burger truck but they are no where near me at any time of the day nor week. And yes I can just go to Chinatown and get a chicken thigh over rice or well….pretty much anywhere for a burger but serving nice schnitzel from a truck now thats something.
Come on! Deep fried meat who doesn’t want some?

When I first heard about Schnitzel & Things and found them on Twitter, I quietly followed them. Then one day during a street fair on Smith Street, on Twitter, Schnitzel & Things announced they were at the fair. I quickly ran out and walked down and back up Smith St but couldn’t find the truck. Finally I tweeted to Schnitzel & Things to say that I couldn’t find them! To my surprised they wrote back to say that they were just walking around the street fair! I was definitely sad but how cool was that for them to tweet back? Usually people don’t tweet back.
Pork schnitzel w/ potato salad and lentil salad
Anyways fast forward to few days ago and I finally was able to stop by the truck. It helps that they park right by the subway stop on Smith St. I feel guilty not stopping by. As I walked up to the truck Oleg Voss, one of the owner and the person behind the Twitter account, yelled out at me “I KNOW YOUUUU!!” For a moment there I felt like a small time celebrity. Woohooo! I ordered the chicken schnitzel with the potato salad and the lentil salad and a spicy mayo sauce. And then I waited patiently. After a moment my order was ready and I walked home happily. I didn’t eat the schnitzel right away. Couple friends were coming over so I had to wait for them but while I was waiting for them I HAD TO sneak a bite of the schnitzel. O..M..G..the wonderful aroma when I opened the lid. You have no idea how wonderful and blissful it was. I quickly cut a piece. OHHH wow! It was so good. I believe frying any sort of food is difficult. I have had delicious fried chicken but the only delicious part was the crunchy batter while the chicken was bland. Or that it’s too dry or too greasy. But not this schnitzel. It was not bland nor dry nor greasy. And it was a giant piece of schnitzel. I like.
Now the sides. The potato salad was good with the sourness and scallions. Definitely not the old boring potato salad. The lentil salad was good too. I also got the dessert, a Tahitian vanilla panna cotta with blueberries. Wow also very good. Creamy and vanilla-y. Though I do have 2 tiny tiny complaints. The spicy mayo could use some more spiciness and more blueberries in the panna cotta! Heehee. Both of my friends agreed that all of the foods were great!
Next time I’m going to get the cod schnitzel with a cucumber salad and the sauerkraut with the lemon caper emulsion sauce. YUM. Thanks for the food Oleg and Jared oh and the stickers!
Keep up the good work guys!

Schnitzel & Things, follow them on Twitter


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