Artichoke Pizza

I have heard so many things about Artichoke Pizza on 14th Street. Good ones and bad ones. Why this place is popular is because people keep comparing them to Di Fara. It’s been such a looooong time since I had Di Fara so I can’t comment on the similarities. Anyways, after few hours at the good ole Otto’s Shrunken Head with coworkers, Matt and I wanted something to eat. Thankfully he was up for Artichoke and so we found ourselves standing under the rain in line at Artichoke around midnight. The place was still packed, packed with kids out drinking. I decided to get the margarita, Sicilian and artichoke & spinach. Don’t know when I’ll go back so why not just try all of them.
Well, the margarita slice was just okay, nothing too special. The Sicilian was just okay as well. Half of the crust on the bottom was burnt to pure black. Oh but the aritchoke & spinach slice. WOW! Ed Levine said on Slice that the artichoke & spinach tasted like a dip. I would describe it as a can of Campbell cream of artichoke soup baked on top of the pizza. But no matter how gross that sound Matt and I thought it was GOOOOOOOD. It was green and creamy and cheesy. If only they do something about their crust. It was thick and hard to chew with a crispy bottom. I wouldn’t mind scooping the top and eat it just like that.

– Artichoke, 328 East 14th Street Manhattan


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