DUMBO Eats – Lobster Roll & Mobile Pizza

Food lines
Oh lobster lobster roll. What a dear dear friend you are.
Okay so I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m a lobster roll newbie. Never had one before. I do love lobster. My family always gets it at those Chinese banquet family style restaurants. They would cook it in this super rich broth with ginger and scallions. Once in a while I would randomly think about a lobster roll and that would be it. BUT then one day I found out that Red Hook Lobster Pound was going to serve their lobster rolls at the Brooklyn Flea, yay! What was also nice was that they, the Brooklyn Flea, had moved out into the open right under the Brooklyn bridge instead of being inside a building. You know, just not very flea market like. Anyways I kept wanting to go every Sunday but laziness kept winning. Finally I got Mo to go with me, surprisingly with very little persuasion, and we walked from our apt down to DUMBO. By the time we got it was already close to 2pm and the flea opened at noon. I was expecting a super long line but when we got there there wasn’t. Maybe 6 people long. As we were standing in line we noticed Pizza Moto, the mobile wood-fired brick oven pizzeria was there also! Sweet.

Lobster rolls
So we both got a lobster roll each, $13 for one. Oh man just look at how they fill that bun up with lobster meat! I quickly snapped a photo and took a big big bite, I just couldn’t wait. OHHH MYYYY GOOODNESS. Fresh tasting lobster, slightly grilled hot dog buns with whole lotta butter on the outside. That bite I had I tasted lobster and butter. WOOOOOO so good. Even though I had nothing to compare I’m pretty sure this will be one of the best best best lobster roll I will ever eat. Oh so good.

Pie from Pizza Moto
Even before we ate our first bite of the lobster roll, Mo went over to the pizza guy and ordered a margarita pie, $8. We waited a while for the pizza. Standing next to their tent eating our lobster roll we noticed 95% of the pies that come out of the oven, one side of the crust would be burnt. And of course so was our pizza. Eh how did we end up with 1 measly basil? Picking up a slice we noticed a pretty good rise of the crust. Taking a bite of our slice we noticed averageness. Nothing special, just okay. Mo also thought the sauce was a bit bland. We did give them bonus points for having a pretty light and good crust.

Brooklyn Flea, DUMBO right under the Brooklyn Bridge


2 thoughts on “DUMBO Eats – Lobster Roll & Mobile Pizza

  1. The lobster roll looks so good; lots of big fat juicy pieces of lobster meat. What are the greens though? Celery? And do they put tons of mayo? I hate when places put too much mayo.


    1. hi! the greens are scallions. here’s a little secret. actually its not a secret since its on their menu but no one bothers to look at the menu. you can order the lobster Connecticut style and they’ll cover the yummie lobster meat in BUTTER! instead of mayo. oh it was sooo much better than mayo.


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