Pollio Fine Foods

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to getting lunch at work. For a long time I was sticking to 7th Avenue, but eventually I got so bored I wandered down to 5th Avenue to try my luck. One day a sign caught my eye that read “Fresh Mozzarella” — usually a good omen. Upon reading Pollio’s sandwich menu, I was pleased to see they offered a broccoli rabe sandwich. You may remember that there’s a great broccoli rabe sandwich over at Russo’s (on 7th Ave, incidentally), so I was excited to see how Pollio’s matched up. Unfortunately I had to wait a while — they were out of broccoli rabe that day… and on my next visit. I had a few other dishes, some good (cold pasta with sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, homemade pasta salad) and some just bland (a mozzarella and pesto sandwich) before I finally got my hands on the broccoli rabe. Alas, it wasn’t nearly as good as Russo’s — the broccoli rabe was a little over-cooked and under-seasoned. Still, Pollio’s is a good place for fresh food and friendly service.

Pollio Fine Foods — 376 5th Ave, Brooklyn

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