Wisconsin Eats: Apple Fritters, Walnut Burger, Indian Food

We headed out to Oshkosh to see the Paine Art Center & Gardens, where they were having an exhibit of great American photographers (somehow Donny was left out!). After touring the house and the gardens, we went looking for something to eat.

Downtown Oshkosh was used in filming Public Enemies, because the main street, Main Street, seems frozen in time. We drove up and down Main St, but didn’t see restaurants that appealed to us. On the outskirts of town we came across a place that looked promising for a snack.

Schoenberger’s Pastry Shop

Schoenberger’s looked like the tiny, out-of-the-way little shop that you’d find something great at. They had a sign in the pastry case advertising their “world famous kringles.” Having never heard of a kringle it was tempting, but they were way too big for us. We asked the lady behind the counter what she recommended.

She recommended the apple fritters, which were something like thirty-five cents each. They looked really good but they were actually a bit dry and bland. They could have used more apple. Oh well, we headed back to Appleton for a real meal.

Harmony Cafe

For that lunch we ate at Harmony Cafe, a place my sister goes to frequently. I had seen walnut burgers on the menu at another restaurant, so I ordered one here out of curiosity. It was actually very good, rich and savory, though a little crispy around the edges. Its toppings were reminiscent of a classic cheeseburger, and it was very hearty.

Sai Ram

For dinner my sister wanted to take me to another one of her favorite restaurants, an Indian restaurant called Sai Ram. We arrived for dinner about an hour before closing, and the restaurant was empty. It’s a sad fact that a lot of smaller restaurants (and other businesses) around Appleton are closing down, while chain restaurants are moving in.

The samosas you see above were nicely spiced, but they were different from every other samosa I’ve eaten (and I’ve eaten a lot of samosas) in that the potatoes inside were grated, rather than mashed.

My entree was malai kofta; cheese balls in a slightly sweet cream sauce with raisins and cashews. It was very good, not too sweet and very filling. I guess they could look a little more appetizing, but they were delicious. I hope for my sister’s sake that Sai Ram is able to stay in business for a long time to come.

Schoenberger’s Pastry Shop — 1010 N Main St, Oshkosh, WI
Harmony Cafe — 233 E. College Ave Appleton, WI
Sai Ram — 253 W Northland Ave Appleton, WI


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