Bistro Truck

Dijon chicken
Shortly after the Schnitzel & Things truck rolled out there was word on Serious Eats that there would be a Moroccan food truck coming out soon. I was excited because there needs to be more savory non-taco trucks around. I quickly emailed Steph because she loves lamb. Finally one day, last week, Bistro Truck tweeted that they were going to have a soft opening with free food but with a limited menu. I figured there would be a long line so I decided not to go. Then yesterday on Twitter Steph said she was planning to try the truck. She’s lucky because she works right across from the truck. So today we met up at the truck for lunch.

At 12:45pm there was barely a line and right after we ordered the line got 6 to 7 people long. I ordered the Dijon chicken with couscous and a side of Belgium fries. Are Belgium fries popular in Morocco? Steph got the Marrakech lamb with rice. We only stood around for few minutes and our food was ready. Lucky for us the sky cleared up and my umbrella was useless. We walked over to Union Square and found a bench in the shade. For some reason I found their way of packing the food and putting it in a nice brown paper bag very appealing.
Here’s the Dijon chicken. This is what you get for $6, pretty good. Though I’m kinda hungry already right now (5pm). The first bite of the chicken, mushroom and couscous was pretty good. I rarely eat food that uses Dijon mustard so I can’t say if this was a good Dijon chicken or not but I sure clean that take out box rather quickly. The vinaigrette on the salad was pretty good too, just enough tartness.
Marrakech lamb
I had a bite of Steph’s lamb and rice. The lamb was pretty darn good. I can’t really stand the lamb thats too lamby but this had just the right amount of lamb flavors. The rice was okay. My first reaction was… it feels kind of watery. Besides that I think both are entrees were good. I’m ready to go back and try the lamb cigars and the merquez.
Belgium fries
But I think next time I will skip the Belgian fries. It just looked plain sad to us. While we were waiting for our food I saw our tray of fries. I didn’t imagine for $2.50 I get this. A tiny pile of sad looking fries. And a mysterious creamy cheese sauce. The fries were warm and a bit soggy. Sorry. This is how real Belgium frites should look like. If you want good Belgium frites I would walk down to the East Village and get a big cone of pommes frites for $4.50 or to the West Village for Vol de Nuit. Nothing beats a cold Belgium beer, mussels and fries. Yay.

– Bistro Truck on Twitter


2 thoughts on “Bistro Truck

  1. This cart seems like a good choice if you need something quick and inexpensive, but also are looking for something flavorful and out of the ordinary. NYC is definitely one of the only places where you can get almost anything decent out of a truck…even Moroccan food!


  2. I went back yesterday and got a sandwich. It was good! Also, it was cheap—only five bucks. But it took a long time to get it, there was a crowd of people all waiting for their food.

    Donny, you forgot to mention that both the chicken and the lamb reminds me of…homemade Chinese food.


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