Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Vanilla ice cream w/ toasted curry coconuts
After trying out the Bistro Truck for lunch, I told Steph that the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, which we tried before, was in Union Square also. She was excited to hear that so we went on a hunt for it. Twitter was down the whole day so I wasn’t able to check where the truck was parked at. We circled around Union Square but nothing. We were about to give up but Steph said she had a little bit more lunch time left so we decided to walk down 17th St. Funny how things work out because there was the truck parked at the corner on 17th St and Broadway. Yay! We looked at the menu. I was eyeing the toasted curry coconut but Steph suggested the salted caramel. Then I asked her, have you had salted caramel on ice cream before and she said yes. Hehee so I said we should try something new like the toasted curry coconut and thats what we got. Doug basically packs all his ice cream with tons of toppings, TONS! After getting our vanilla ice cream in a cup with toasted curry coconuts we walked to the side to eat it. First impression, Thai food. Second impression, hhmmmmmmmmmm yummie. You wouldn’t think curry powder and ice cream would go together but it did. Steph had one suggestion and that maybe it would’ve been better if the coconut was shredded. I disagree. I think if the coconut was shredded the curry flavor might get lost but with big pieces of coconut you get big curry flavors. Right?

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Twitter


4 thoughts on “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

  1. I recently read another review of the BGICT and now I am dying to try it! Sounds amazing. I heard that olive oil and sea salt is also a surprisingly good topping choice. Anyone tried it? This sounds like the perfect, inexpensive treat during a long day at work.


  2. Just heard your interview on CBC Canada…was great..your toppings sound wonderful…..I don’t think it is just the ice cream truck I think that it is person in the truck as well that makes it all work….


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