Baked Beans

Do people crave for canned baked beans? Well I did. Had a sudden baked beans attack while in the office. Luckily I had a can of baked beans that I brought to my friend’s Harry Potter party but didn’t eat it and brought it back home. But I can’t just have baked beans for dinner. So I thought really hard and thought about what other foods I wanted to eat and at the same time go well with baked beans. I don’t remember how I came up with this idea but I did.

Finished product
Baked beans cooked with corn and chicken & apple sausage on top of cheddar in a hot dog bun. OH YEAH! I went to Trader Joe’s after work, it’s the only place where I can find those top-split hot dog buns. But they don’t sell canned corns? Huh? I had to buy a bag of frozen corn instead. I also bought a jar of cornichons. I used to hate pickles and would take out the 2 sorry looking slices of pickles from my McD burger. Not sure how or when it happened but I started to be okay with pickles. Blah I blame old age.
I started off first buy slicing 2 chicken sausages into 1/2 inch thick pieces and threw them into a hot pan. Cooked them till they were done and dumped half a bag of the frozen corn. I hoped the liquid from the corn can deglaze the pan a bit then after few minutes of stirring I added the baked beans. Few more minutes of stirring and it was done. I got 2 buns and put a slice and a half of sharp cheddar into each bun. Then I spooned a giant pile of baked beans, corn and chicken sausage into each bun. The heat from the mixture will melt and cheese. They were a bit messy to eat but they were hella good and really hit the spot. They were so good that I ate 1 more.

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