On The Road: BBQ Bologna Sandwich

Driving cross country has always been a goal of mine. It just seems fun to do. Many of my friends have done it already some even did it multiple times like my friend Matt. Just this past week he and his family drove from Virginia all the way to California. His parents moved to California (best state to be in yooooooo). With the help of the internet and the Twitter, he was able to keep everyone updated on where he was and most importantly what he was eating.
bbq bologna sandwich
In Rossford, Ohio you can find Bad Bob’s BBQ and at Bad Bob’s BBQ you can find the 1/2 lb bbq bologna sandwich with sweet potato cassarole. Look at the bad boy. Hm…….
With a little investigation I found that Bad Bob’s is a franchise with restaurants in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and New York. Each Bad Bob’s restaurant has a number. The one in Ohio is #17 while New York has #15, #19 and #20. I’m not sure where #16 to #18 went.


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