Co. Pizza

Popeye pizza
Oh Jim Lahey. I have never been to Sullivan Street Bakery. Ah I know don’t hate me, please. Howard has already been to Company Pizza or Co. or whatever.
After watching a friend’s comedy show in Chelsea, I was hoping to go back to Artichoke for a thick soupy slice with the gang. I told Howard my plan and he asked me, “You know what’s near by right?” I answered no and he said Co! OOHHHH CO…….. And that was where Howard and I went for dinner while the rest of the people went to MaryAnn’s for Mexican food and pitchers of margaritas.

We walked in and found the place to be not too crowded. We only had to wait for about 10 minutes. I didn’t know Co. was all about the communal table. Though I have always wished to meet someone new while dining at a communal table but no such luck that night. After sitting down, the waitress came over and told us the special, a summer’s pizza with cherry tomatoes and corn as toppings. It sounded pretty good so we decided on that pizza and the Popeye pizza.
The thing about communal tables are of course you’re sitting next to strangers. I found myself not wanting to talk or do anything even though everyone around were chatting away. Especially when I took out my camera from under the table. And also most of the waiters were talking to one another right behind us. After a short wait the Popeye pizza came. It’s basically a white pie topped with spinach. Oh my first bite…………hmm…..pretty good. I like white pies. The Popeye, I liked the over all texture that I got from the crispy and non crispy part of the spinach, the cheese and the wonderful chewy crust. I enjoyed the little pools of oil underneath the spinach. The crust was nice with charred spots and it did make my jaw tired. Too bad I didn’t see the tiny plate of sea salt next to us because the spinach needed some but still pretty good pie.
Special: Summer pizza
Now when our summer pie came and after taking few bites I was glad that Howard noticed the tiny plate of sea salt next to us. That pie needed some real seasoning. Everything tasted kind of flat. The thing about corn for me is that to get a real punch from corn you need to be eating a lot. Like a giant spoon of corn. But when you sprinkle corn onto a pizza along with cherry tomatoes AND thyme it just gets lost. Doesn’t thyme taste more like fall than summer? So the pie was bland but the sea salt helped. Still very good crust though. Yay.
So in the end, I enjoyed both pizzas with the Popeye coming in first. I would like to try the other pizzas but I’m not in a rush.

– Co. Pizza 230 9th Ave, NYC


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