A Cold Slice From Di Fara’s

Cold slice from Di Fara's
Yesterday couple of my friends went down to Midwood for Di Fara’s. Of course I was SUPER jealous. I’m no pizza expert but I do know what’s good and what’s blah. So I was happy to find a slice of pizza from Di Fara’s in the fridge from Mo and a pickle! Thanks dude. Yes I should’ve heated the slice in the oven but what a better way to test if the pizza is good or not by trying it cold. First bite, okay maybe I should’ve heated it. The crust stale of course and the first bite was weirdly salty. Maybe the pickle juice got onto it. Second bite, okay not too bad. Third bite, alright I can do this. After eating the whole slice, I could’ve gone for another slice. Cold slices aren’t as good as fresh hot slices but a cold slice from Di Fara’s wasn’t too bad. Nice!


3 thoughts on “A Cold Slice From Di Fara’s

  1. hah, i just did the same thing. first bite: cold. following bites: heated in the toaster oven. it’s totally not the same as having it fresh, but the crust is amazing. the cheese is a bit salty, tho.


  2. wow, a lot of grease on the parchment paper as well. Yea, pizza is never the same without being reheated. I used to eat cold pizza for breakfast or (the horror) microwave it. What was I thinking???


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