Blue Hill New York

Mini ricotta burgers
Well yes Eat to Blog has finally made it to Blue Hill. Eh Blue Hill in the West Village. Howard and I have been wanting to go here and have been saying to want to go here for a while now. And yes we do hope to visit Blue Hill in Stone Barns some day. Unlike Babbo where you have to call exactly 1 month before and still they give you either 5pm or 10pm, Howard just logged onto Opentable and BAM made reservations for 4 within 15mins. I’m always scared about under dressing so I spent a good few days trying to find photos of how people dress to go to Blue Hill. I know dressy what how dressy. Another thing that I was scared about was the raw veggie on nails dish. How do you eat them? Well 2 weeks later at 8:50pm I found myself standing in front of Blue Hill on Waverly Street. I decided to go jacketless, tieless and messenger bagless. I did wear my fancy black shoes and a Via Audio tote bag to hold my camera. Well here goes.

I walked in and was helped immediately. The service at Blue Hill was top notch the whole night. The server that brought the veggie on nail saw that we had a camera so she placed it on the other side of the table for Howard and I to take photos! Nice!!! Anyways, the hostess had told me Howard had already came by but where was he?!?!?! Thanks to Twitter, Howard and Phae were at Stoned Crow so I asked Mo to get them. Later the hostess sat me down at our table, I felt weird sitting at the table by myself. After a bit of a wait the 3 of them finally sat down.
It’s funny how Howard always end up with the job of picking and tasting the wine whenever we have a group dinner. Personally I’ll drink anything because I can’t taste the subtle differences of different wine. I really like the menu of Blue Hill. Just enough choices to not overwhelm the diner but enough choices to include a wide range of items. Both Phae and Howard got the Farmer’s Feast, the tasting menu for the night. Here is what I ordered, Sweet Corn Ravioli with stone barns salami and basil, Berkshire pork and chocolate bread pudding. Like I said before about their service, after putting our order in the waiter came back out and informed me that they didn’t have enough ravioli for my starter but just enough for a tasting. He gave me the option of tasting (for free) the remaining ravioli and get a surprise starter or they have a sweet pea ravioli starter. I thought this was too good to be true. I went for the former of course.
After the wine and bread came, the amuse-bouche started to come. One after the other and they just kept coming. First was the infamous fresh raw veggies.
Raw veggies
These were so good especially the cherry tomatoes, bursting with tomato flavors. Next came a plate of tiny ricotta cheese burger. I THINK, not sure, there were chopped bits of tomatoes in them? Next came the dried kale chips, hmmm nice and crispy and a shot of veggie juice.
Dried kale chps
The waiter also brought out an assortment of condiments, lard with hot peppers, Blue Hill farms butter, an eggplant spread, and some sort of tomato salt. They were….okay I guess. I didn’t wanna fill my tummie with so much bread.
Finally my teaser came, the sweet corn ravioli.
Sweet corn ravioli
Hahahaa such big plate for so litte but DAMN those were the best damn raviolis ever! I was sad that I didn’t get a full starter but I was glad I got to taste it. Oohhhhh so good. I even used a piece of bread to soak up the sauce.
Then my real starter came.
Bonito with dandelion flower sauce
The waiter told me it was bonito fish with a dandelion sauce with lima beans. He also said this was new and has never seen it on the menu before. Woohoooo first try! The fish, served as sashimi style, was nice and fresh. The dandelion sauce tasted funky at first but it was very fresh and clean. The dish was definitely interesting, it was good but not sure if I’ll order it off the menu.
Next up was the entree.
Berkshire pork
Berkshire pork loin with sausages on top of green and yellow beans. The pork was of course cooked to perfection and everything tasted pretty good. I was kind of jealous of Phae’s dish because she got a slice of fatty pork with crispy skin.
After we were done with our entrees, we all needed a break. We were handed the dessert menu. Both Mo and I had a tough choice deciding what to get. But before we were able to decide we got 4 cups of strawberries with mint ice cream and mascarpone cheese. These were quite good, I wanted a second one. I should’ve known to better than to have picked the chocolate bread pudding. Blue Hill excels in fresh produce and I should’ve gotten a dessert with one of the berries.
Chocolate bread pudding
It was a pretty good chocolate bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream. There was a thin layer of crispiness on top of the bread pudding, like creme brulee, so that was different.
More desserts! Then after that we got a small plate of truffles and marshmallows with toasted coconuts.

If eating at Blue Hill in the city was such an event I can’t imagine how it would be like when we go to Stone Barns. Everything tasted very good but I have to say after that great ravioli tease everything kind of went downhill. Awesome amuse-bouche, awesome ravioli, interesting starter but still good, then followed by plain entree and dessert. I guess what happened was everything from the amuse-bouche to service to the way everything was presented, the entree and dessert lacked a bit of that “omg” factor. But do I want to go back, heck yes. I’m actually more excited about going to Stone Barns now, just to see and taste the difference.

– Blue Hill NYC 75 Washington Place, Manhattan


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