The Empanada Lady

Empanada Lady On one normal March Sunday, Steph and I walked down Court St. After missing the Ikea shuttle and the B61 we decided to just snack around in Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens. After snacking our way down Court St. we walked over to Smith St. We noticed, on the corner of Sackett St., there was a sign that said “EMPANADA.” I was definitely intrigued because I love empanadas and I usually get my empanada fix at the Red Hook ball fields. So to find a street vendor selling empanadas in winter, yes please! She also had tamales and tacos on the menu. Sadly we didn’t get anything from her that day and I didn’t get a chance to visit the empanada lady till much later. It had been so long that I totally forgotten about her until one day, there was a street fair on Smith St., I found her again. So the next day I was determined to get my ass out of the apartment to see if the empanada lady was there. Though just to make sure she was on Sackett St, I consulted the internet and found many people said she was on Degraw St. Okay, I left my apartment, feeling lucky about it. As I approached Degraw St., I noticed nothing but a sad looking lamp post. Boohooo no empanada lady sign but just to make sure I walked down to Sackett. And….

YES YES YES YES YES! So most people on the internet were wrong she was on Sackett and not Degraw. I walked up to the makeshift kitchen which consisted of couple tables, a grill and a stove. She was talking to regular so I just stood there for a bit. The guy before me got the special of the day, beef stew over yellow rice. The guy leaves and finally it was my turn. I asked for a chorizo and a chicken empanada and a pork tamale. I have a bit of a history with tamales. I have never liked them. The one and only time I had them was when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember why but we were served tamales for lunch and I did not like the taste. Ever since then I never bother to order them. But that day I felt differently, that day I felt it would be alright to get a pork tamale. With food in hand, I walked to the nearest park and ate the food. First off the empanadas. As you can see from the photo, the empanada look more…hmmm more rustic? than the ones from Red Hook. It’s a different shade of golden goodness and a little flatter. But it doesn’t matter how it looked, as long as its good. The chorizo was good but I couldn’t really tell if it was chorizo or not. The chicken one was great, big pieces of chicken, dark meat I believe, yum!
EmpanadaEmpanada innards
Time for the tamale. As I was unwrapping it I questioned myself. Why didn’t I get a fork? How am I going to eat this without a fork? I wrapped it back up and took it home to eat instead. Fast..forward. With fork in hand this time, I unwrapped it and took a bite. Hhhmmmmm nice and porky. I really don’t remember why I hated that one tamale I had back in the day. Within seconds I ate the whole thing and wanted a second one. Tamales are good!

– Empanada Lady Sackett St at Smith St Brooklyn


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