Habana Outpost

Habana Outpost in Fort Greene is the kind of place that seems to bring together groups of people that wouldn’t normally be frequenting the same places. On a recent weekday evening we shared the outdoor seating with young couples, hipsters, and families with their young children. I think there’s something about the eco-friendly/sustainability ethic combined with the festive atmosphere that draws lots of different people. Or maybe it’s just the excellent frozen mojitos.

I know that I always have fun there. On our most recent visit we ordered a ton of food — in the past I’ve only ever had the grilled corn. The chips and salsa above were fine, nothing special, though when you’re drinking frozen mojitos it’s easy to eat a dozen of these without batting an eye. The salsa was nice and spicy, but didn’t have much other flavor.

Much better was the white cheese and avocado sandwich, kind of like an oversized torta. The crusty bread and the creamy sandwich innards make a perfect match. I would have liked a little more seasoning and spiciness, but it’s hard to complain when you’re sitting outside on a nice summer night, eating and drinking with friends. The only thing I don’t like about Habana Outpost is that it can be very hard to find a seat — as I said above, everybody seems to love it.

Habana Outpost — 757 Fulton St, Brooklyn


One thought on “Habana Outpost

  1. Places like this are what make New York so unique! That sandwich looks delicious as well as the frozen mojito. Delightful pictures 🙂


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