Chicago Eats – Orange

Chai tea french toast stuffed ricotta cheese with apples on top Ah memories of Chicago. Last night my friends and I went to see an AMAZING band from Chicago, Company of Thieves. Genevieve Schatz, the lead singer, has such a wonderful voice. And recently a college buddy invited me to her wedding in Chicago. Chicago Chicago Chicago. So I couldn’t help but think about The Windy City and my first ever trip there few years ago. My friend had pointed me to a GREAT spot for brunch, Orange. I ordered the Chai Tea French Toast, not expecting anything out of the ordinary or life changing experiences. Also back then I never really had a good cup of chai tea before. So you can imagine when a big bowl of goodness (see left) sat in front of me. Here’s the description from the menu, “baked, chai tea-infused French toast, stuffed with Ricotta cheese, served over a chai tea latte reduction & topped with honey & caramelized apples.” It’s been 4 years since I been to Chicago and I’m STILL dreaming about this bowl of wonderfulness. This is my all time favorite French toast ever. There’s just no words to describe how good this was besides a letting out a big sigh. *SIGH

Orange there are 4 other locations check their website for the addresses


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