Eating Old And New At Red Hook Ball Fields

Cheese empanada Hooray for Red Hook Sunday! I have been splitting my time between Red Hook and the Brooklyn Flea this summer. Which is great, one weekend I eat lobster roll and the next I eat tacos. As much as I love lobster rolls, it’s just hard spending $13 on 1 food item while I can get 6 tacos for $12. But it’s okay once in a while though last time I went to the Brooklyn Flea in DUMBO 2 Sundays in a roll.
I really wish that I have more stomach space so that i can eat more tacos at Red Hook or just more of everything at Red Hook. I usually stop after my 2nd run. I know I can do better and I will next time. Next time. The very first time I went to Red Hook, oh 2 summers ago, I had a huarache from the Martinez Taco Truck and pupusas from El Olomega, which I just found out has a website. After that first day I rarely go off to other food trucks to try other things. But one day last year I decided to stop eating those delicious pupusas and try other things. That was when I started my next phase of eating from the 2 same trucks routine. For the rest of the last summer and part of this summer I went to Perez Truck, the very last truck on Clinton St., for carne asada tacos sometimes topped with fried pork skin and Rojas Ecuadorian, the very last truck on Bay St., for beef and cheese empanadas.

My most recent trip I did something different again. For once there wasn’t a long ass line at the Martinez Taco Truck so I decided to get food there. For $6 I got 3 chalupas with chorizo, pork and chicken. All 3 were good and tasty. I was tempted to get 3 more. Sorry if I’m not very descriptive because they were so good I basically ate them in seconds.
Chicharron with fried yuca
Photo taken by Howard

Next, I was planning to hit up Carrillo Guatemalan truck for a batch of fried tacos stuffed with ground chicken and topped with pickled carrots and cabbage. But something else caught my eye. At the Ceron Colombian truck they posted pictures of the food they served. One of them said yuca frita con chicharron. I never had yuca before but hey frying makes everything taste good right? And deep fried pork! I ordered a plate. I was a little sad when the food on my plate weren’t freshly fried but picked from trays inside the truck. Also I was expecting pork rind, chicharron is pork rind right, but instead I got big pieces of deep fried pork. I ate a piece of the pork. Hhhmmmm tasted just like Chinese roast pork with the crispy skin but this was all deep fried. The yuca was great too. I love starchy food like potatoes and stuff. Next time I’ll try and put some sauce on it.

– Red Hook Ball Fields Corner of Bay St and Clinton St Brooklyn


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