Toby’s Public House

Margherita Pie
I’ve been wanting to visit Toby’s Public House for a while now, ever since it was featured on Serious Eats about their nutella ricotta calzone. But the idea of going to this pizza place was overshadowed by other new pizzerias and for some reason crossing over the BQE seemed a bit far.
It’s nice to set goals for yourself once in a while. After starting this blog Howard and I started to have goals, foodie goals. Goals to try this place and that place. Since he’s a big pizza fan and recently few of our friends were having a pizza debate, I suggested going to Toby’s for dinner after our visit to good old Beer Table. We stumbled over, crossed the BQE and found ourselves standing in front of what I thought looked more like an old school firehouse. We walked in and found the place to be packed so we decided to sit at the bar. We looked over the menu and decided to get a good old margherita and a spinach pie. I thought it would be good to compare this spinach pie with the one I had at Co.

Spinach Pie
The pizza served at Toby’s is the smaller-ish style, the personal pie style. When my pie came it was a bit of a let down. Just look at the photo and compare the one I had at Co. How exciting is raw spinach? Jim Lahey’s version of this pie, the spinach gets cooked along with the pie which cooks the spinach. So you get a nice texture of wilted and crispy spinach. I wished Toby’s had done something more with the spinach than just drizzling olive oil over them. First 2 slices weren’t that bad and were quite enjoyable. As I reached for the last slice of my spinach pie I realized another reason why Co.’s Popeye pizza is better. The longer the last slice sat the chewier the crust got. I’m not saying it was a bad pizza but I think I will get something else next time.
Toby’s Public House as a whole was quite enjoyable. It was fun sitting at the bar and the bartender gave Howard and I a free beer. They have really great beer on draft. The Racer 5 IPA I had was quite good and Howard was all drooling over his Old Speckled Hen. Howard later told me that he had found his new favorite bar. Nice!

Toby’s Public House 686 6th Ave at 21st St, South Slope Brooklyn


4 thoughts on “Toby’s Public House

    1. @Paulie – good to hear from you, it’s been too long! we actually went back to toby’s just today, but we got so full on pizza that once again we didn’t have room for the nutella calzone. i have to say, their spicy pecorino pizza is wonderful. anyway, we have to try the calzone, so there’s an excuse to go back.


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