The Lobster Place

Crab club
Look at those GRILLED MARKS!
After a long walk at The High Line, Steph and I decided to walk around Chelsea. We walked into the Chelsea Market just for the heck of it. We window shopped a bit and finally we walked into The Lobster Place. I’ve been to the Chelsea Market many times but never once did I step foot into The Lobster Place. The Lobster Place sells more than just lobster. They sell all kinds of seafood, sushi and ready made food. I saw couple people standing near the window, in the back, ordering sandwiches. Steph and I were kind of hungry so we decided to share a crab club. For $10 you get a sandwich, cole slaw and chips. We waited for a few minutes for the crab club. After paying for it we found a table right outside. Hmmmm crab meat. I usually don’t like crab because I’m too lazy to do all that work for so little meat but since there was no cracking involved this was deeelicious. Seriously this was quite good. Really fresh tasting crab meat. But maybe it wasn’t really worth $10 but heck we were in Chelsea.
Crab clubThe Lobster Place

– The Lobster Place 75 9th Ave New York (Inside the Chelsea Market)


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