Reis 100 Sandwich Factory

Back in the day (probably three years ago), you could get food at Bar Reis. It was pretty good bar food, mostly Tex-Mex: nachos, quesadillas, etc. Last year a friend asked the bartender for the menu and he denied that they had EVER served food there. Strange, but not the end of the world. Recently the owners expanded into the space next door where they do, definitely, serve food.

The sandwiches are pretty small, so I ordered two. They’re normally $3.50 each, though they have a lunch special before 3pm – get any two sandwiches and a drink for $6. I couldn’t resist the thought of a tofu banh mi, and I also got a sandwich with artichoke spread, fresh ricotta, and pesto. The bread was the best part of both sandwiches – crusty and warm and chewy. The banh mi was disappointing with its cold tofu, pickled jalapenos. The other sandwich was quite tasty, though the ricotta and the pesto overpowered any trace of artichoke. Luckily the ricotta and pesto was good enough to make the sandwich worthwhile. With literally 100 sandwiches on the menu I’m sure they have something for everyone. Next time I think I’ll try the torta and the brie/apple sandwich.

Reis 100 Sandwich factory — 375 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn


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