Banana Cocoa Puree

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Funny how I was typing my post on Momofuku Milk Bar where I had their banana cake. And I said on there that I love the flavor of bananas. So of course I was happy to see that Doug, Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, had banana-cocoa puree as a topping today! I just took a red eye flight last night from LA and didn’t get much sleep but damit I’m gonna get me some ice cream after work! I walked from 32nd to 17th. While I was walking down I came up with my 2nd option in case he ran out of banana-cocoa puree. Then I remember seeing wafers as another topping and thought it would be mighty tasty to add that on top of the banana-cocoa puree. When I got there I asked him if he still has the puree and he said YES. SWEET! And yes I got the wafers also. I took a BIG first bite and it was everything I hoped it would be. Really strong banana flavors, love it! Plus the wafers it felt like I was eating a deconstructed banana cocoa cream pie. I once ate a whole banana cream pie by myself.
It was also nice to chat a bit with Doug about the Vendys and Men Pocky sticks and Japan. Not sure what I’ll do once he retires for the winter season. *sigh


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