Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar
I believe Howard and I are the last to visit the Milk Bar. Seems like every food blog has blogged about how awesome this place is. To be honest I was just too damn lazy to go. Well we finally made it. After watching The Hurt Locker at the Sunshine theater Howard and I were looking for something else to do. I wanted to snack on something and suggested the Milk Bar.

After walking 10 blocks north we walked into an almost empty Milk Bar. Hm…should I get a pork bun? Or a cookie? Or some bread? No I wanted something more substantial something that will make me full and satisfied. Cake! Thats it cake! I have a soft spot for anything with bananas so the banana cake was an obvious choice. When I opened the box that contained my slice of banana cake I was happy to find a pretty darn big slice of cake. For once I didn’t bring my camera so I dug in. Hhhmmmmmmm the first bite was awesome. Loads and loads of banana flavor. I loved it! Between the layers of cake was a layer of crunchiness, which I had no idea what it was. The cake was so good I inhaled it in seconds.
Strawberry cakeBanana cake
If you had read my post about the Spotted Pig, you know that my sister was in town. I told her to save room for dessert because I wanted to take her to the Milk Bar. We walked from the West Village to 10th and 2nd Ave. After that meal we need that walk. This time we walked into a pack house. It was loud and crowded. This time I got a strawberry cake for myself and the banana cake for my sister. I love strawberries but the strawberry cake was not as OMFG good as the banana cake. Maybe because of the layer of strawberry jam, the cake tasted artificial to me. I will forever stick to getting the banana cake.


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