L.A. Eats – Coolhaus

Pineapple ice cream with molasses cookies
Coolhaus, conveniently parked right behind the Gastrobus at The Brig, sold ice cream sandwiches. Not just any ice cream sandwiches but architecturally themed ice cream sandwiches. There are a lot of write ups about Coolhaus and you can find one here and one here if you’re interested in their background. Like designing a building, an ice cream sandwich has to be sturdy yet flexible. It needs to hold up when bitten into. I’m actually not a big fan of ice cream sandwiches maybe. I pretty much were bored out by the generic rectangular shaped ones that I think we all grew up with. They were, well, uninteresting. Also I hate to get melted ice cream everywhere. Sticky fingers are annoying. But for my quest I had abandon everything I dislike about ice cream sandwiches and order one from Coolhaus.

I knew what I was getting into because I had watched the Coolhaus episode on VendrTV. They have ready-made-combinations for the undecisive people or you can mix and match different flavors of their homemade ice cream with the different flavors of homemade cookies. My mom wanted pineapple ice cream but I told her well its not on the menu BUT the girl inside the truck said they do! Its good to ask sometimes. My mom got the pineapple ice cream with ginger and molasses cookies. Mine wasn’t as adventurous, green tea ice cream with sugar cookies. We were told that the paper around the sandwich was edible. It was rice paper with soy ink, awesome!
Green tea ice cream with sugar cookies
These sandwiches are huge. There would be no way to actually bite into it so I nibbled at it. Surprisingly the ice cream sandwich held up pretty good even in the 95 degree heat. The ice cream didn’t melt too much and the rice paper helped a lot. I love green tea ice cream and would get it whenever I see it. Coolhaus’s green tea ice cream was pretty good. Wished the green tea flavor was just a bit stronger though. The sugar cookie was excellent. I was curious about the pineapple ice cream so I took a bite of my mom’s ice cream sandwich. Oh! Hello awesome tangy and sweet pineapple ice cream. How come I have never had you before and the closes thing to you is that coconut pineapple which taste more coconut than pineapple. It was so refreshing. I wonder if Coolhaus sells just the ice cream?
Angelenos are lucky. They don’t have cold harsh winter from stopping them from consuming delicious ice cream treats year round.

Coolhaus on Twitter


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