L.A. Eats – Let’s Be Frank

Let's Be Frank
Let’s Be Frank was much easier to locate since it’s not a truck it’s a trailer, which means it doesn’t really go anywhere. It was situated inside a plaza right across from Father’s Office, a pretty popular restaurant. Since they’re not a truck, they don’t get the same problems as food trucks do. But it’s street food nonetheless. Just when I arrived, my friends called me to tell me that they were standing in front of the Marked5 in Eagle Rock. I was still so far away from Eagle Rock but I told them I’ll try and get there soon. So we basically had to get the hot dogs and hopped back into the car.
When we got to the window, there was only 1 other person in front of us. There were few other people sitting on the benches eating their dogs already. Let’s Be Frank uses grass-fed beef hot dogs. I’m not quite sure what that does to the taste of the hot dogs though. When it was our turn to order, I went for the frank dog topped with sauteed onions.

Let's Be FrankLet's Be Frank
I ate my hot dog rather quickly. Took about 4-5 bites. My sister and my mom seem to like their hot dogs but I thought mine was a bit bland, even the onions. For some reason the hot dog was very peppery and I mean there was a lot of ground pepper. But the bun was pretty good and the hot dog was snappy like a good hot dog should be.
Brat DogFrankg Dog

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One thought on “L.A. Eats – Let’s Be Frank

  1. Hi Donny! Thanks for swinging by the Let’s Be Frank trailer and I’m glad you had a chance to sample our dog. To address your comments, the trailer does actually roam about town; we serve from Helms Weds- Sun from 11-3, but other times we are out serving lunches all over LA and at bars in the PM – you can find out where we are via our twitter feed (www.twitter.com/letsbefrank). Grass-fed beef does taste different than corn-fed. Its a stronger, “beefier” flavor (for lack of a better word!) and contains much less fat and much more healthy Omega-3’s. We also don’t use any icky nitrates or nitrates and our meat is sourced by us, from ranchers we know personally. We think our franks are full of flavor but we also understand that everyone has their personal preferences! If you return for seconds – and we hope you do! – maybe try our spicy “hot” dog – it’s a flavorful heirloom pork sausage that has been compared to a delicious lingiusa. We think you’ll really like it! Happy munching!


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