L.A. Eats – Marked5

So I love burgers but I also love anything Japanese. As some of you may know I like to decorate many food items with Japanese mayo and nori flakes, french fries, bacon wrapped dog and even scrambled eggs. So I was super excited when I first heard about Marked5. Combining Japanese flavors with burgers, gimme gimme. While going through their website and tweets, I found that sometimes they offer special sandwiches. Lucky for me, on the day that I went to Marked5 they had both their specials, a salmon burger with wasabi sauce and a spam and egg sandwich. Tran, from Marked5, was nice to enough to chat with us and explained the menu to us. I wanted to try everything because I wanted to, well you know for research. I ordered the torakku beef, katsu pork and the special spam and egg.

3 burgers in 1 shot, oh yeah!

There’s a trick to eating these burgers. You gotta hold them straight up and slowly pull away the wax paper as you eat. I guess that was a little weird just because we’re so used to just picking up our burger and eat it. First up, katsu pork burger. The katsu pork was nicely fried and the sauce had a bit of a kick to it which was nice. I later told Tran, it was like eating a katsu pork rice bowl.
Spam & egg sandwichTorakku beef burger
Next spam and egg sandwich. I only took a bite of it since I got it for my sister. She looooved it. I couldn’t argue with that. Nicely cooked spam. Spam and eggs over rice is pretty much our lazy dinner meal so we kind of have a soft spot for it. Later I regret not getting one for myself, boo.

My mom ate half of the torakku beef burger. I was impressed with her for even eating half! She’s not a burger person but thought it was okay. There was a problem I noticed and all my friends noticed was that when you have to eat the burgers straight up like that all the sauce tend to gather toward the bottom of the burger. So when I took a bite of the burger I thought it was okay but when my 2nd bite included the torakku sauce that really changed everything. I never had torakku sauce before but this was good. I felt it really brought the whole burger together AND the layer of seaweed that wrapped around the burger….oohhhhh that made the burger really good. Eating a Marked5 burger is like eating everything I like all at once in my hand.

For a bonus round, Tran offered the salmon burger for me to try. Earlier he had told me that they use a wasabi sauce. Well….I totally forgot and took a giant bite. OHHHHHHH WASABI HOT HOT WASABI! It made me cough a little bit but it was good. I’m not a fan of wasabi but this wasn’t too bad. But if you love wasabi this is the burger for you.

Overall Marked5 did a pretty good job with all the burgers and sandwiches. At first I wasn’t too sure about having rice as the bun just because I’m used the taste of bread when I eat burgers. But after couple bites everything was fine. Like I said earlier its like eating a rice bowl from a Japanese restaurant. Too bad my stomach was filled with other foods from that day but next time definitely gonna eat 2 or 3 of these babies.

Marked5 on Twitter


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