L.A. Eats – The Gastrobus Farmer’s Market Edition

The Gastrobus Farmer's Market Sundays
2009 isn’t just about the food truck craze, it’s also about eating organic and buying locally. Farmer’s market are sprouting everywhere now, even on a small parking lot behind a bar, the Dresden Bar to be exact. On Sundays, the Gastrobus parks at the Los Feliz Village Farmer’s Market. The menu changes according to whatever Antonio can find at the farmer’s market. What this ensure is the superb quality of the food and also challenges the chef on the spot.
While trying to find the Dresden Bar, I wished I had an iPhone. My Blackberry wasn’t much help. Finally after circling around I saw a sign that said farmer’s market behind Dresden Bar so I knew I was close. I parked and realized I parked a bit far from the place. I had to call my friend, who was already there, for directions. I arrived finally and it was time to get some food!

The Gastrobus Farmer's Market SundaysStrawberries bircher muesli
There are more items on their Sunday menu but it was tapas style. That just means it was okay to order more and try more. I ordered the quiche with bacon and onion and the apple-smoked bacon. Double bacon action! Lana told me I was lucky since I got the last slice of quiche. I loooove quiche. My friend got the French toast with peaches and berry jam and the fried squash and onions. While we were waiting for our food Lana and Antonio were nice enough to let us try the strawberry bircher muesli with nuts. I never heard of bircher muesli before but found out later its oats and dried fruits. Knowing that it would be delicious I dug right in. Hmmm the strawberries were nice and sweet and with the yogurt it was delicious and refreshing.
The Gastrobus Farmer's Market SundaysThe Gastrobus Farmer's Market Sundays
Right behind the bus there was a tent with 2 tables and few stools, perfect for enjoying our food.
The quiche was good. Nice and creamy and light. Every bite had bacon in it, can’t beat that. The bacon, freshly cooked, was crispy and smokey. Forget about the fork, I picked 1 up with my fingers and ate it like a potato chip. I had couple bites of my friend’s peach French toast. Really good and the bread was so soft we didn’t need a knife to cut it. Awesome! The fried zucchini and red onions were nicely fried. Couldn’t help it but I ate the zucchini and onions with the bacon. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm….. Everything we ate was just perfect and my friend agreed. Next time I would like to get couple more people so that we can order everything from the menu.
French toast w/ peach and berry jamBacon quiche
Apple-smoked baconFried squash & red onions
I am glad that the Gastrobus is expanding their farmer’s market menu to Tuesdays at the USC Farmer’s Market.

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