Roberta’s Pizza

Once a month I would tell Howard that “damit we need to go here and here and here and here before 2009 ends!” And he would say “sure sure sure and when when when?” And I would say “how about this on that day and that on this day?” But in the end we either ended up either doing something else or we get lazy or I get lazy. But damit not this time!! I don’t remember how long it has been since I first wanted to eat at Roberta’s. I only remember Howard liking it and Mr. Paulie Gee is a fan as well.
We had came up with an awesome idea to travel around Brooklyn to try many pizzerias on Labor Day. Our friend, also another pizza fanatic, offered to drive so that we can make it to as many places in one day as possible. We had 5 places on our to-go map but by the end of the day we only made it to 2 plus 1 unplanned spot. The biggest problem we ran into was the West Indies Parade that took place on Labor Day. We were mostly stuck in traffic and trying to figure our way around Brooklyn. The other problem that we ran into, which was more obvious, was that it was a holiday and the restaurants would be closed. The third problem of this whole pizza tour was that it was a pizza tour. How the hell would it be a good idea to eat at 5 different pizza places in 1 day? We had decided to only order 1 pie and each of use will only eat 1 slice. As you read on, you will know that we didn’t follow that rule.

We were an hour behind our schedule but finally made it to Roberta’s. Just looking at the place from outside I couldn’t tell that it was a restaurant but once I walked in I was welcomed with an airy room. Almost 1/3 of the space was dedicated for pizza making. At first we decided to sit outside but there were too many flies so we went back in. The whole place was very laid back and in a way, rustic. While looking at the menu we were still on our 1 pie rule UNTIL we saw the actual pies from the table next to ours. I was like, “oh they look kinda small, I think we can get 2.” Well…… Of course they weren’t small, they were regular sized pies. Our stomachs were definitely bigger than our eyes. ALSO an hour before we made a stop at Bene’s Pizza for vodka slices. Ugh what were we thinking?!
Artichoke & mushroom pizzaEgg & potatoes pizza
I had my mind set on getting an egg as a topping and then I added potatoes also to the pie. For our 2nd pie we got artichoke hearts and mushroom. Man I can really smell the pizza aroma in the place, making me damn hungry. Both the pies came and they look gorgeous. But we only got 1 egg? As I teared a slice from the pie, the inevitable happened, the yolk came running out. I did the only thing I can, scraped the yolk on to my slice with a knife. It definitely takes skills to cook the pizza perfectly and keep the egg still runny. It was a really good slice, the potatoes were a little too soft for me but still good. I ate everything up to the crust. I used the crust to soak up the yolk that was on my plate. Hmm..I love eggs. Gimme more than 1 damit!
I don’t really remember much about the artichoke and mushroom pie. I guess I should start taking notes of these things but most of the time I’m just too busy stuffing my face with food.
Overall, I really like Roberta’s. Super laid back atmosphere goes great with pizza and beer. Too bad I was sitting on a bench and not a rocking chair it would’ve been perfect.

Roberta’s 261 Moore Street, Brooklyn


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