Walking and Eating Through Northwest Brooklyn

One of the reasons it’s good to be friends with Donny is that he occasionally sends out emails like the one he sent out last month, inviting people on a bakery crawl through Brooklyn. Of course we only ended up going to two bakeries, but the fun of it was walking through Brooklyn, and we did eat a lot of good food.

We started at Regina Bakery, which is right near my apartment. I’d actually stopped in before and hadn’t been impressed; they seemed to be serving the same, pre-made baked goods you can find in supermarkets all over the city. On this visit I was happily surprised, having gotten a coconut macaroon and a cream puff. They keep both of those items (among others) in a refrigerated case, so the macaroon was quite cold, but it was moist and delicious and full of coconut flavor. The cream puff was likewise cold, and full of rich pastry cream.

Next Donny wanted to hit up the Little Buddy Biscuit Company, about a 10 minute walk from Regina. I’d never heard of Little Buddy, but Donny had been following the owner’s blog about the newly opened “microbakery” and was eager to try it.

I couldn’t resist getting two items, one sweet and one savory. I got the brioche baked with almond cream, which was good but a little dry, for the sweet. One of the things I did like about it was that it wasn’t too sweet. For the savory I got the cheddar and black pepper biscuit, which was amazing. The wonderful buttery texture, the sharp/salty cheddar, and the bite of the pepper all came together in one of the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten.

I don’t remember exactly how we abandoned the bakery crawl, but somehow we decided to walk from Little Buddy to the Red Hook Ball Fields. It’s not actually that far a walk, and it’s not like we didn’t have calories to burn off. Our walk took us past the Gowanus, where we found the mural you see at the top of the page (I believe on the side of the Lowe’s).

The veggie tacos were, as always, good (even if I did put on too much hot sauce), but by this point we were both pretty full. After eating we walked over towards South Brooklyn Pizza, where our friend Mo was taking a pizza making class. There was supposed to be free pizza, but the class was behind schedule and in any case I don’t think I could have eaten any more. I went home, thinking about more bakeries to use as a starting-off point for a walk around Brooklyn.

Regina Bakery — 485 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn
Little Buddy Biscuit Company — 635 5th Ave, Brooklyn


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