Questions To Answers – Buttermilk Truck

Buttermilk Truck

1) Please state your name, name your food truck, and the type of food you will be serving?
Gigi Pascual from Buttermilk Truck serving homemade Buttermilk breakfast favorites.

2) When and how did you come up with the idea of serving food in a truck and how did you decide on your menu if there is a menu already?
I always wanted to own my own bakery or breakfast joint but the start up costs were beyond my means. The truck was a feasible and affordable way to that. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it is often skipped by so many due to time constraints in the mornings. Late at night breakfast options are limited to your standard 24 hour joints. I wanted to fill that breakfast void 🙂 The menu was recently finalized consisting of housemade assorted pastries like breakfast cupcakes, scones, and turnovers. Buttermilk pancakes, donuts are a must. Breakfast sandwiches on our housemade buttermilk biscuits with applewood smoked bacon or chicken apple sausage with a fried egg and sharp cheddar cheese. We also will have a vegetarian option using our housemade corn bread with sauteed mushrooms and spinach with Jack cheese. Late night options will replace pastries with our chicken and waffles and the Buttermilk Brick …a stick to your ribs favorite 🙂

3) How has LA influenced you and your food truck and do you think it’ll be the same, for you, if you were in a different part of the country?

The diner scene is much more prevalent in the east coast. I wanted to bring that to LA. So LA’s lack of the diner scene sparked the Buttermilk vision. I think anywhere else in the country like Seattle, NYC, Texas etc, my Truck vision would be different or no truck at all. LA has definitely opened new avenues with lunch trucks.

4) Speaking of, a different part of the country, another crazy food truck spot currently is NYC. There seems to be a lot of people getting angry from all sides, newcomers, veterans and the city. Recently The Dessert Truck, a well-loved truck, was not able to renew their permit from NYC and everyone has begun to talk about the backlash. I know your truck hasn’t rolled out yet but are you afraid of these things in LA?
I did not realize until recent articles how many trucks are out there and the number is continuing to grow, Buttermilk being in that mix. I feel like in the near future stricter regulations will develop. There are lovers and haters of everything. I’m remaining positive. Trucks are a main part of LA culture.

4a) Any comments on the recent trouble from the restaurants and the police on Wilshire Blvd?
Its understandable especially since there are laws against parking within distance of a restaurant police are just responding to complaints.

Buttermilk Truck

5) I have noticed a lot of the food trucks are excited to see one another and to try each other’s food. Do you think that is important for this new wave of trucks? To bond together?
I think that the camaraderie is important especially since the food truck scene is a new phenomenon for a majority of people. By working together and sharing foods and cultures we spread the word. There is power in numbers. Also for the most part the trucks out now and coming soon have different food concepts.

6) How do you think this new wave of food trucks is changing the food scene in LA?
Well there has been a shift from the conventional sit down restaurant or the fast food drive through as a means to get a meal. With the recession, people are looking for lower prices but quality and taste are still a must. Food trucks provide quality food and much more decent prices than at a restaurant. Its a welcomed option to the LA food scene.

7) 2009 is definitely the food truck year, why do you think that is?
I can only vouch for LA as I have not yet visited any other states but the food truck scene was brought to its claim to fame through the success of Kogi BBQ. They definitely pioneered the movement and influenced all the new coming trucks including Buttermilk to get started.

8) Do you see the food truck trend slowing down at all? What do you think will happen in 2010?
Food trucks have been part of LA culture for years. Maybe the twitter phenomenon may slow down but if you have good food and service, people will always come back.

9) Why do you think people are so fascinated with food trucks?
Its specialized quality FAST food. There is something about your meal being made right then and there basically in front of you. Also with the use of twitter its almost a game to find the truck you’ve been following

10) Let’s say there’s someone out there that has never been to a food truck and has never heard of you before. Which 1 item will you offer him/her to try off of your menu
Fried chicken and buttermilk cinnamon waffles:)

– How I wish I would be in LA when this truck rolls out but nope gotta wait till I fly back for Xmas. It seems like besides the South, LA is pretty big on chicken and waffles and I was excited to see that on the Buttermilk Truck menu. I tell my friends here in NYC that chicken and waffles is such an awesome combo but no one believes me.

Buttermilk Truck on Twitter


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