I Love Curry

Menchi katsu curry
Here in NYC, the weather is getting colder and gloomier. Especially this weekend. Starting today it’s going to rain till Monday. Really? I was planning to go street food crawling in Jackson Heights and apple picking over the weekend. But colder weather also means time for stews! Like big giant pot of curry with potatoes, carrots and onions over steamy rice white. I love curry especially Japanese curry. I don’t like to sweat when I eat so I prefer the more sweet and less spicy Japanese curry. Also one of my favorite restaurant in LA is Curry House.

So 2 nights ago I went and bought a box of Japanese curry and yes made a big pot of curry. It was enough for 6 meals. And so to celebrate this here are some curry food porn.

Curry beef brisket
Curry beef brisket from Boston Cafe, a Hong Kong style cafe. YUM!

Phae makes curry curryCurry pan
Phae makes curry with whatever people brought over; Curry pan from Cafe Zaiya

Curry fishballs/meatballs w/ rice noodles in clay pot
Curry fishballs with rice noodles

Curry orzo w/ spare ribs and miso salad
Curry orzo

Vanilla ice cream w/ toasted curry coconuts
Toasted curry coconuts over ice cream from Big Gay Ice Cream truck

Curry Beef BrisketCurry baby squid
Curry beef brisket with spaghetti; Curry baby squid

Mayo & Curry Sauce
Frites with mayo and curry sauce in Belgium

Curry turkey lasagna & smoked salmon mozzarella salad
Curry turkey lasagna

Green Curry
Green Thai curry


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