Madison Square Mark’t

I just came back from a quick, well sort of quick, lunch at Madison Square Mark’t. It takes up the tiny island next to the Madison Square Park. There weren’t many choices to choose from for savory food items. I decided to hit up Fatty Crab and Hill Country. Planning to get meatballs from the Viking stand next time.
Al Carbon Taco (Hanger steak) from Fatty CrabJalapeno & cheese sausage from Hill Country
First I went to the Fatty Crab stand and got the Al Carbon Taco which is a hanger steak taco. For $4 I felt I got a little ripped off. The hanger steak was pretty good but the whole taco wasn’t all that. Also they only used 1 tortilla and so half way thru the taco just fell apart. And I accidentally put too much hot sauce and my mouth was burning after eating it.
Second I got the jalapeno with cheese sausage from Hill Country. They were out of their beef and I didn’t want to wait. For $6 this was much better than the stupid taco. When I stabbed my fork into the sausage, cheese oozed out! Hello! It came with a side of pickles, very nice as well, and 2 pieces of bread. I don’t know where they bought the bread but it was so fluffy and light!

Madison Square Mark’t


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