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-We have reached the last of the Questions to Answers with the LA food trucks. I would like to thank all of the food trucks that took part in this and their time for answering all the questions.

1) Please state your name, name your food truck, the type of food you serve, and how long have your food truck been in operation?
Takeshi Kimura
Fishlips Sushi To go & Catering
Selling and Catering sushi
We started the Middle of June 2009.

2) When and how did you come up with the idea of serving food in a truck and how did you decide on your menu?
Long time ago sushi is more like fast-food style food. Sushi bar restaurant came out less than 100yrs ago. We are trying to sell sushi more easy to eat, with reasonable price. Our menu line-up is the same as any sushi restaurant. We put popular rolls on the menu but ANY KIND OF SUSHI are available upon request. (Please feel free to order your original sushi.)

3) How has LA influenced you and your food truck and do you think it will be the same, for you, if you were in a different part of the country?
You can see regular taco trucks anywhere in LA. People have no problem buying food from lunch trucks. We sell different kind of food. If I am not in LA, probably I will simply open sushi restaurant.

4) Speaking of, a different part of the country, another crazy food truck spot currently is NYC. There seems to be a lot of fighting going on between the well established food trucks/carts and the newcomers. And recently The Dessert Truck, a well-loved truck, was not able to renew their permit from NYC and everyone has begun to talk about the backlash. Being in LA have you experienced any of these sort of old food trucks that have been around for 10 years or more getting into fights with the newcomers? And what about the City of LA? Has anyone given you a hard time?
My truck has the newest health regulation that most new comer truck don’t (They are leasing from existing business owner.) If you do not see emergency exit on the back, it does not match newest regulation. Looks like LA county also try to let taco truck out from business to get restricted regulations. We do not have any trouble with the existing taco truck owner. Maybe we sell completely different kind of food. We only have a hard time operating is from parking. Police sometimes kick us out from street for parking regulation. LA county has regulations, but each city has different rule that police officer insist to follow.

4a) Any comments on the recent trouble from the restaurants and the police on Wilshire Blvd?
Oh! you know that. We also park once a week down the road (actually not that hot spot). We don’t have a big problem because our spot has requested by the building management company. They are so good to support us. Between the restaurants and the trucks, problem will never be solved, I believe.

5) I have noticed a lot of the food trucks are excited to see one another and to try each other’s food. Do you think that is important for this new wave of trucks? To bond together?
Definitely yes. We cooperate together for spots, events, and tell our customers about other trucks.

6) How do you think this new wave of food trucks is changing the food scene in LA?
I am not sure. Hopefully for the good.

7) 2009 is definitely the food truck year, why do you think that is?
Yes, it is.

8) Do you see the food truck trend slowing down at all? What do you think will happen in 2010?
I think so. Similar kind of food trucks will be tough for next year.

9) Why do you think people are so fascinated with food trucks?
LA people have long experienced buying foods from truck (taco truck). Now they have a variety foods to buy from trucks with reasonable price.

10) Let say there someone out there that has never been to a food truck and has never heard of you before. Which 1 item will you offer him/her to try off of your menu?
Either the crunchy roll or the spicy tuna roll. These are our most popular rolls.

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