Free Stuff: Oikos Greek Yogurt

Way back in May I got an email from Stonyfield Farm asking me whether I wanted to try a free sample of their new product, an organic Greek yogurt they called Oikos. I love yogurt, and I love free stuff, so of course I said yes. They sent me several coupons for a free tub of the yogurt. It was a good move for them to send coupons — I’m sure the cost of shipping a refrigerated package of yogurt would be prohibitively expensive. It was also a bad move for me, since I rarely go to the grocery store. Finally, here in the middle of October and the coupon’s expiration date rapidly approaching, I went and picked up my free yogurt. So how was it?

My go-to Greek yogurt has always been FAGE. The taste and the texture is just what I want in Greek yogurt. I’m sorry to say that Oikos just doesn’t hold up. First of all it’s way to thin. I suppose I could have strained it, but the whole point in buying Greek yogurt is that it’s thicker than regular yogurt. I also thought it was too acidic, without the creamy taste I was looking for.

The other problem I had was that the 5.3 oz container is topped off with a disposable aluminum peel-off top, but doesn’t come with a hard plastic top. That means that if you only want half of the yogurt, you can’t seal it back up (unless you use your own aluminum foil/plastic wrap). Maybe it’s an economic decion, or maybe environmentally friendly, but it seems like a big oversight.

So, thank you to the people at Stonyfield for the free yogurt. Unfortunately, I think I’ll stick with Fage.

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