The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Season End Party

The Gobbler with Triple chocolate cupcakeThe Gobbler with Triple chocolate cupcake
Few weeks ago, The Big Gay Ice Cream truck had their big season end party over at the East Village. They were accompanied by NYC Cravings and Cupcake Stop. After work I went down to check all the trucks out. As I was walking over to Destination Bar, where the ice cream truck had parked in front of, I had this incredible idea. What if I combined a cupcake from Cupcake Stop with ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream? And top it off with something savory from Cravings?!

I had my heart set on getting the salty pimp from Doug and Bryan but then I realized that they had to turn the ice cream upside down and dip it into the chocolate. Didn’t think it would’ve been possible to do that if the ice cream was inside a cup. So……I ended up getting a triple chocolate cupcake and got the gobbler sundae over it! Bryan was super nice about it. The line for Cravings was super long so I didn’t bother lining up but they were serving onion pancake, they could’ve worked with the gobbler triple chocolate.

What can I say? It was crazily good.

You can check out some more photos of that night here!

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck on Twitter
Cupcake Stop on Twitter
NYC Cravings on Twitter


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