Bacon Fat

Bacon fatToasted with bacon fat
Bacon fat bacon fat bacon fat bacon fat! After frying bacon you always end up with a pan of bacon fat. I usually pour it into a bowl and let it solidify for easy disposal. But last weekend it was different. I was preparing to make some brunch. I had a loaf of Italian bread, eggs and leftover potato mush, meatballs and parsnips. I was going to saute the potatoes, parsnips and sausages together then top it off with over-easy eggs. When I opened the fridge to get the stuff I noticed my bowl of solidified bacon fat sitting there. Should I? Should I? Heck yeah!

I cut about 1/3 of the bread then sliced it into 2 halves. Heated up a pan and scooped a spoonful of bacon fat into the hot pan. I had some parsley so I threw that into the fat and lay the 2 halves of bread on top. I toasted the bread until golden then flipped them to toast the other side. Hmmmm.
Cooked in bacon fatEgg yolk
After the bread was done, I added a little more bacon fat and sauteed the potatoes, parsnips and sausages. I bought a big bunch of dill so I threw in some dill just for the heck of it. After that was done I cooked the 2 eggs. Yay for brunch. I took a bite of the toast and I really tasted the bacon in it. Quite good! I think I’ll go buy more bacon and collect enough bacon fat to fill up a jar.


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