Baltimore Eats – Scrapple

Joann's Kitchen
While researching on what to eat in Baltimore, besides crab, scrapple came up a lot of times. So of course I had to find out what this scrapple thing is. From what Wikipedia says about scrapple, it sounds a lot like spam! And I love spam! Then I went and researched on specific spots to eat. I wanted some place close to the hotel but sort of outside the tourist area too. Well most of the places I found weren’t walking distance except for Blue Moon Cafe. Good thing there were tons of good reviews for Blue Moon Cafe. But I was hesitant to go because I found out that Guy Fieri went there also! I am not a fan of his. He’s very annoying. Anyways, a lot of people seem to love that place so I kept Blue Moon Cafe in the back of my head just in case.

After a rainy Friday night I woke up to a beautiful partly cloudy Saturday morning. It was only 8am and I didn’t have to get to the wedding venue until 3:30pm. What to do what to do. I guess I could go and explore Fells Point which was right next to the hotel that I was staying in. It’s also where Blue Moon Cafe was. By the time I stumbled out on to the streets it was already close to 10am. I had no clear path I just knew I had to walk eastward. I came upon a tiny farmers market, looked around and continued on. It was nice to walk around Fells Point and be in an actual neighborhood. After a good 15min walk I found Blue Moon Cafe. People on The Internet said to go super early, oh like 7:30am. I guess they were right, there were already a bunch of people waiting outside. Oh well next time I guess.

Now what do I do about breakfast?!?! About a block from Blue Moon Cafe was Broadway and just so happened that weekend was the Fells Point Fun Festival. Too bad I was there too early, the vendors were just setting up. Then as I was passing by the Broadway Market I saw an “OPEN” sign on the door. I was curious of what was inside. Burgers? Crab cakes? Sandwiches? Anything? I opened the door and found a pretty damn empty place. One side was a pizza place, wasn’t opened yet, and one side a breakfast diner sorta thing. There were few people eating already. I took a stool at the far end, a soccer game was playing on a tv behind me. A girl came and gave me the menu. Joann’s Kitchen. I looked through the menu and was happy to find that everything was so cheap. I ended up getting a steak and cheese sandwich with a side of grits. Why not eh?
Empty Broadway MarketJoann's Kitchen
While sitting there I noticed Joann’s Kitchen was run by an Asian family. The mom was running around the kitchen, older daughter was the cook and the younger daughter took care of the front. Then I thought, how did the parents get their teenage daughters up so early to work there? Impressive.
Grits & steak/eggs sandwich
Finally my food came. A super simple steak and egg sandwich with a bowl of grits. I added few dashes of pepper and gave the grits a stir. Butter oozed out from the bottom, nice! I took a bite. Of course I didn’t expect it to taste good, in reality it tasted like it came from a box. But you know what, it was okay with me. I added ketchup to the steak and egg sandwich. Again, the sandwich was nothing special but it was good. A spoonful of grits, a biteful of sandwich, a quiet early morning sitting at the counter eating breakfast by myself. It was a pretty good moment and experience. After my last bite of the sandwich, I felt there was still room in my stomach for 1 more thing. Then I decided, yes I’m going for the scrapple.
Uh yeah I just got a piece of scrapple and well it came with a paper plate and a fork. Here goes, my first scrapple. Hm….well….you know how I said “oh it’s just like spam!” Well not really. Spam taste a 100x better. Scrapple taste like…………haggis. Yep haggis, not as foul but it was okay foul. Maybe it would’ve been better inside a biscuit covered in gravy. Well there you go, scrapple is not spam it is the more nicer cousin of the haggis.

Oh and the total for breakfast was cheaper than a stupid plain salad in NYC.

Broadway Market Fells Point, Baltimore

One thought on “Baltimore Eats – Scrapple

  1. That scrapple isn’t right just by looking at it. You need to try a properly fried slice of RAPA scrapple. Something about other scrapple is weird, they just don’t taste right. Slices are supposed to be thicker, perfect thickness of crisp without burning on the outside with a kinda mushy but still firm inside. Throw it on an egg sandwich or eat with ketchup.


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