Jamie’s Huntington 1000

Saute mushroom w/ herbs Yes I am a huge fan of Jamie Oliver. I have all of his cookbooks and when the Food Network showed “Jamie at Home” on a Saturday 9:30am morning I made sure to wake up to watch it. Yeah this was my pre-TIVO days. He pretty much inspired me to cook and have family dinners. Though long time ago a girl that I had a crush on asked me to make her a cheesecake. That was the VERY first thing I remembered making for somebody. I do have to thank her for getting me started with cooking and baking. Where would I be without that? Would there be an Eat to Blog? *shrugs.

Anyways, Jamie’s Huntington 1000. You can read what it’s about on his site but basically Jamie wants 1000 people cooking something using his recipes and send the photos to him. I love the idea of trying to get people to cook for themselves and it’s just FUN to get people around the table eating.

Recently I did an all Jamie Oliver recipe dinner. For the main entree I made the Sausage Carbonara, a potato mushy dish, and the DIY Chocolate Truffle. In the past I have also tried his Chicken in Milk recipe and the photo to the left is his recipe for mushroom and thyme. I am tempted to do one of those food blogs where I go through all the recipes in a cookbook. Hmm…

So hopefully all of you will give Jamie’s Huntington 1000 a try. Happy cooking!


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