Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken pot pie is such an American classic like apple pies at least to me. My first introduction to chicken pot pie was from those $1 Swanson frozen pies from the sueprmarkets. Those were sooooo good. My favorite part had always been the cookie-like crust at the edge. They acted like spoons, perfect for getting the last bit of yumminess inside the tin bowl. Too bad they are no longer $1 but good thing my apartmentmate, Mo, is in love with chicken pot pies…and pizzas and also makes awesome Indian food. It’s good to be around fellow foodies. Recently he got his hands on a copy of “New Classic Family Dinner” by Mark Peel. On the cover is a beautiful photo of the classic chicken pot pie.

One random night I found Mo in the kitchen, around 11pm, making the filling for the chicken pot pie. Yeah he’s a hardcore foodie. Once he had a chicken pot pie party. That’s how serious he is about it.
Chicken Pot PieChicken Pot Pie
Finally last week we were able to try one. Cutting into the chicken pot pie was like opening presents on Christmas morning. The filling was just packed with great stuff! Corn, peas, carrots, chicken…etc. Also really appreciate the patient he took to wrap the inside of the ramekin with dough as well. I think the hardest part of making chicken pot pie is the crust. Do you go with flaky or cookie-like? I think he was trying for the flaky kind but it ended more in the middle of flaky and cookie. What’s the secret to flaky crust? I also liked the addition of dill. I asked him if he had followed Mark Peel’s recipe he said no. I guess since the book was about modernizing the classic Mark Peel added asparagus and took out potatoes. Mo had also increased the amount of corn, celery and peas compare to the recipe. I am curious to how my chicken pot pie will turn out if I decide to make some but I’m just too damn lazy. HA!

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