Baltimore Eats – Fells Point Fun Festival

As I mentioned in my previous Baltimore Eats post, the weekend that I was in Baltimore was the same weekend as the Fells Point Fun Festival. While looking for breakfast I happened to have found it but it was too early. The vendors were just setting up but I did see giant chunks of meat getting ready to be BBQ’d. After getting breakfast and trying out my first ever scrapple I walked back to the hotel and was stuck watching Sky High on HBO. Yeah I just couldn’t get myself to stop watching it and actually be out doing something. What finally did get me out of the hotel was hunger. Again I had no idea what to eat for lunch but I knew where to go back to Fells Point to check out the festival.
Fells PointFells Point

There was a lot of people, a lot of people holding sangria! Heehee I quickly got myself a over 21 wristband and got a sangria. Not a bad way to start lunch off. I walked by few food vendors selling giant chunks of grilled meat and fried things. Very tempting but I didn’t want to mess up my stomach right before a job so I kept walking. Then I stopped. I stopped in front of a vendor selling tacos! I was thinking about tacos from Red Hook so that’s how I ended up getting 1 pork taco and 1 lengua taco. The price wasn’t too bad, 2 tacos for $5. I took my plate of tacos and sat on the sidewalk. I was happy that he gave me a grilled onion as well.
Pork and lengua taco
HHmmmm just like Red Hook. Could really taste the lengua which I found kind of rare. Most cow tongue tacos I have eaten really lacked the taste of the tongue. The pork taco was your standard pork taco, great stuff. By the time I was done, it was close to 2pm so I headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Sunday, my bus doesn’t leave until 5pm. My plan for that day was to go and check out the Lexington Market and get myself some crab cakes! I had to walk like a mile or 2 before getting to the subway. From there I waited about 15mins for the subway to come and took it for 2 stops. As I stepped out onto the surface streets I realized it was a bit quiet. Okay it was 11:50am maybe people in Baltimore like to sleep in on Sundays. Or maybe because the Lexington Market doesn’t open on Sundays. Ugh. What a way to find out that it doesn’t open on Sundays! Now where was I suppose to get some decent crab cakes? I was in Baltimore so I’m pretty sure wherever I went I’ll find some. So I hopped back onto the subway and went back to Fells Point. With 4 hours to kill I was able to look around the whole festival. Also I was trying to look for the Kooper’s Chowhound Burger Wagon. On their Twitter they said they were at the beer garden. Well in the end, I walked all over the festival and couldn’t find the Burger Wagon then finally found the beer garden as I was leaving. By then I had already filled my tummie with food. And the beer garden was actually a piece of flat dirt rock land which had metal fence all around. Nice!
Crab cake sandwich
So then what did I end up eating for lunch for 4 hours? Well I found myself debating about what to spend my final $20 on. Festival burgers or festival crab cakes? Questionable Thai food? Or back to the taco vendor? After much of walking back and forth I finally settled on getting a crab cake sandwich. I know might as well. I got my sandwich and added a dash of Old Bay Seasoning. What is Old Bay Seasoning anyways? Again I sat on the sidewalk but this time I was next to a pirate ship. Hm. I took a giant bite of the sandwich since I was super hungry by then. Hm…as expected from festival foods, it was just okay. I did regret not putting more mayo on it. Mayo is good! On to the next.
Grilled taco
On the other side of the festival, I was standing by the bbq table and the grilled taco table. I sorta wanted some bbq but I was curious about this grilled taco thing. I went with the grilled taco because it was slightly cheaper and can’t remember ever having a grilled taco before. It sounded like a LA thing too. This also seem safe since I hadn’t seen another grilled taco vendor which means they’re not “regular” festival food which means the chances of their food tasting good was good. I had to wait a good 15mins for my taco. This thing was pretty huge. Now to find a spot to eat this. This time I fancied up and sat on a bench. Looking at this thing this had to be a fork and knife job and it looked more like a super poorly assembled burrito than a taco. But how was it? Well its hard to beat melted cheese, chicken, and guac wrapped in a grilled tortilla. It also came with a side of grilled corn and black bean salad. It was super good and fresh tasting! Glad I didn’t go with boring bbq.

Thank you Fells Point Fun Festival for showing me that festival food can be good.


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