Fried Pork

Cubes of belly
What would you do with a 2.5lb slab of pork belly? I can always just do my usual “sake braised pork belly” or just plain roast the thing in the oven. Looking around the kitchen and in the fridge trying to see what I need to use up before they go bad. Also stashed in my to-do recipes book, I thought about doing a roasted pork belly with miso paste. Well as always I have miso paste in the fridge. Okay what else, mint from few weeks ago, rice wine?, yakitori salt that my friend got me in Japan, ginger and peppercorns. I thought about curing the belly with just the salt and peppercorn but there wasn’t enough salt to cure the whole slab. In my mind the ginger and mint should work good together right? A little spicy and a little refreshing.

After marinating for a dayBraising
I placed the pork, pieces of ginger, few peppercorns, mint, salt and miso paste into a ziplock bag. I zipped up the bag and gave it a good rub. Basically rubbing the flavors into the pork. After that I poured about a cup or 2 of rice wine, zipped it back up and gave it a good mix or giggle or toss. Then I placed it in the fridge overnight. I flipped the bag over the next morning and let it marinate some more. Then when it was time to cook the damn thing, I took it out of the bag and placed the belly into a pot. Pour the marinate into the pot as well. I added another cup or 2 of rice wine and topped it off with water. I turned on the heat and brought the whole into to a boil then lowered the heat down to simmer it. I simmered it for about an hour.
After braisingFrying
After that I took it out of the pot and let it cool down a bit. I sliced it into 1 inch cubes. Here comes the good part. Got a pan, heated it up, added oil and put few pieces of the pork into it. I didn’t really fried the pork in a lot of oil but just enough. I cooked each side of the pork until nice and golden. I ate a cube of pork belly and it was good. Tasted just like the roast pork you get at Chinese restaurants. 1 problem. It was good but I was only able to taste the “friedness” and none of the mint or rice wine or ginger. What did I do wrong? Maybe thats the whole problem of frying anything. Back to the cooking board.
Fried fried fried


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