La Cuarta

Tallarines Saltados
During the days of living in East Harlem, my friend and I would always walk from the east side, through Central Park and over to the west side for Flor De Mayo. I never had Peruvian food before and Flor De Mayo was Chinese and Peruvian cuisine, awesome! Seems like all the Peruvian restaurants I have been to serve chicken as their specialty. Why is that? Anyways, now that I have moved out of East Harlem and into Brooklyn, I’m glad I live right by Coco Roco.

Last night I really wanted some Peruvian food and I was meeting up with my friend, Anh, for dinner. Luckily I found La Cuarta in Sunset Park that was close to Park Slope. So what brought this crave for Peruvian food? Mr. Zach Brooks of Midtown Lunch! Yesterday I read his post on a new hidden gem he found in a freight elevator hallway and saw the link for another hidden gem, El Sabroso. There in that post I saw the picture of a plate of yummy looking spaghetti! Peruvian and spaghetti? Never thought of those 2 together before but damn those looked good! After that I was on a mission to find a Peruvian restaurant around 5th Ave and 20th St and spaghetti. And that was how Anh and I ended up at La Cuarta.

The neighborhood around 4th Ave and 26th St doesn’t really strike as a culinary destination. Unlike 5th Ave with its cool bars and restaurants, 4th Ave is mostly offices, tire centers, McDs, KFCs and corner delis. But one out of thousand corner delis you’ll find something different. Though if you’re closer to the Atlantic Center part of 4th Ave you’ll find bars like 4th Ave Pub and Pacific Standard and restaurant/bar like Sheep Station. So last night Anh and I walked into an empty La Cuarta. We sat down and looked through the menu. I knew what I wanted for the entree, Tallarines Saltados – spaghetti with chicken, onions and tomatoes. But I also wanted to get half a chicken as a side, it was only $4. Anh got the half chicken with fries with a calamari soup and I ended up getting fried yuca as a side. When I ordered the Tallarines Saltados, the waitress seemed unsure like no one had ever ordered that before.
Calamari soupFried yuca
Our food came and practically everything came out all at once which was fine. Oh my look at the giant plate of spaghetti, yum! We started to eat. Anh, surprisingly, loved the tomato-based calamari soup. I had a taste and yes it was really good. The fried yuca was good but could’ve used another minute or 2 in the fryer. My plate of spaghetti was quite delicious and comforting. Not quite sure what flavors were added but I loved the giant pieces of onions.
Half chicken with fries
Sadly Anh’s half chicken and fries were okay. But after when I was done with my plate, I pigged out on her fries. They weren’t that good but mysteriously addictive and I couldn’t stop eating them.

AH HA! Found couple recipes for Tallarines Saltados. Secret ingredient is soy sauce! I might have to make some soon.

La Cuarta – 782 4th Ave btw 26th & 27th St, Sunset Park


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