Black & White Cookies

My parents grew up in New York, but moved to Virginia before I was born. Jewish culture in Northern Virginia in the 1980’s wasn’t quite what it is today, so every few months my parents would make a trip up to a kosher supermarket in Maryland to buy a ton of kosher meat to bring home, where they would keep it all in the freezer until it ran out. And when it did run out it was time for another trip. We always referred to it as “the kosher butcher” but it was in fact a full-fledged supermarket; I remember in addition to the meat they had kosher specialties we couldn’t find at our local supermarkets, like kosher frozen egg rolls. I didn’t usually go on the trips; an hour ride in the car to go grocery shopping wasn’t high on my list of fun activities. However, on the few occasions I did go, I remember getting a black and white cookie as a treat. When I moved up to New York myself, I was happy to see that you can get black and white cookies at lots of bakeries, though the quality is variable. Plus it’s hard to live up to a childhood memory that’s probably exaggerated in my mind. But on a recent morning I found myself in Midwood looking for a late breakfast, and I noticed J Korn Bakery. I wandered in, not knowing what to expect, but when I saw the black and white cookies I knew I had to have one.

The black and white cookie ($1.40) didn’t quite live up to my memories, but was delicious nonetheless. It was almost too dry, but was saved by the delicious frosting. Unlike Jerry Seinfeld (see video below) I usually eat the chocolate side first and then the “white” side — usually vaguely lemon flavored, not necessarily vanilla.

Also delicious: a bag of four onion rolls ($2) were chewy and moist, and two of them completed breakfast nicely.

J Korn Bakery — 914 Kings Hwy Brooklyn


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