When Family Is In Town

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time finding places to take family/relatives to. I don’t really go out that much and when/if I do go out I tend to go to places I’ve been to many many times or places near my apartment. The weekend before my older sister was here, my cousin and aunt from Vancouver were in town. I wanted to take them to a place where it felt New York. Of course, in my head, I ran through all the nice restaurants I’ve been to and there aren’t that many. In the end I took them to Prune. I hope they liked it.

So a weekend later, my older sister was in town again for a wedding photo gig. Taking my sister around is a lot easier because I usually just take her to places I wanna go to. Easy! Few weeks ago I was walking around the East Village and finally found Porchetta. Never knew where it was exactly but I’ve been wanting to go. Anyways so I mentioned it to my sister and she said, yeah whatever. She quickly changed her yeah whatever to OOOOOOHHHHH when I showed her the post and photos from A Gluten Free Guide.

I met up with my sister on Friday night at 6:30pm. I wanted to go there early since Porchetta only has counter space and few stools for dining in. Lucky for us when we got there there was only 2 people in front of us. So I ordered a porchetta sandwich, porchetta plate and crispy potatoes with burnt ends. Thanks Bon for paying!
PorchettaPorchetta plate
Porchetta sandwichCrispy potatoes w/ burnt ends
So what can I say? I mean what can I say about delicious pork? The porchetta sandwich was served straight up with just chunks of pork and inside the bread. It was good but if I had made this at home I would’ve added a layer of spicy mayo! I love mayo too much. The potatoes with burnt ends was quite delicious. Good salty. The burnt ends were a bit tough to chew though. The best plate was the porchetta plate with beans and cooking greens. It was a very good combo plate. In a spoon, a little bit of beans, a little bit of green and whole lotta pork. Good stuff.

Next stop, Spot!
While doing my daily food blog reads, I read about Spot on Serious Eats NY. I was intrigue but it wasn’t my type of dessert. I’m a….tiraumisu, cheesecake, creme brulee sorta dessert person. Since Porchetta was rather close to Spot I decided to take my sister there. As I was walking down the metal stairs to Spot, I was thinking oohhh this’ll be fun when winter comes. I walked into Spot and thought wow this totally looks weird. More steps, fake grass and a guy standing at the end of the counter with his arms crossed, he looked angry. He was just standing there while the other people were busy making desserts and taking care of the customers. Anyways, we sat down and looked over the menu. Thanks to Kathy Chan I already knew what I wanted, the persimmon. Joe DiStefano also posted on Serious Eats NY about Spot and he picked the jackfruit dessert. And those were the 2 desserts that we got. It was nice to see Pichet Ong, chef and owner, behind the counter making MY desserts. But the fake grass kept calling me, just seem out of place.
Dessert at Spot
Yay desserts came. I have always resisted eating persimmons, I found the texture quite weird and I never had jackfruit before. Here goes. I took a spoonful of the rice pudding and a piece of persimmon. I couldn’t taste the persimmon but that didn’t matter because that spoonfull was so good! The rice pudding with mascarpone cheese was really really tasty. The jackfruit dessert was good also but the persimmon was amazing.

After the great desserts at Spot, I wanted to take my sister to try Wafels & Dinges too. She said she was still up for it so, West Village we went. The Wafels & Dinges truck was parked on Christopher St and & 7th Ave that night. I got my semi-usual. My usual is a Brussels wafel with strawberry and nutella but that night I got bananas and nutella. My sister got the Liege wafel with nutella and whipped cream. I still miss the days when they made the wafels fresh. Hmm…should’ve asked them they stopped doing that.

Porchetta 110 East 7th Street NYC
– Spot 13 St. Mark’s Place NYC
Wafels & Dinges on Twitter


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